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    On the Wheels
    On The Wheels is a fun game that you should try, the instructions are quite easy, they are namely: Use your left and right arrows to steer your car left and right as well as A and D keys. You can hit up arrow or W key to accelerate or down arrow or S key to brake. On The Wheels is a nice flash based game. It has a nice 3D graphic that resembles the actual country side. There are five different tracks that you can try, all you have to do is finished the race at least on third position. You must be careful not to crash with another car if you want to survive. If you accidentally crash with one then you can pick up the recovery item (wrench symbol). You can upgrade you car top speed, acceleration, strength and brake by entering the upgrade option on the main menu. "On the Wheels" is a car racing game which will give you hours and hours of amusement and excitement, if you are a person who really enjoys feeling the adrenaline and thrills on the highway then certainly this is the perfect game for you. This flash game has been catalogued among the one thousand most addictive games, mostly because the player is able to drive a car throughout different circuits and highways with a variety of challenges. Hit the accelerator and defeat al

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    On the Wheels  


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