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    Formula Racer
    This game is very simple and interesting to play and there is also no limitation for the players so anyone can play this game. The game consists of 8 levels and you have to complete all the levels if you want to win the game. The instructions for this game are very easy and these are stated below. Use keyboard to operate this game. You can control the game by using the different buttons like W or upward arrow key to accelerate, S or downward arrow key to break, left or right arrow key to steer and X, N or space key for kinetic boost. Kinetic boost is a system which collects and stores the energy of the racer while driving. You can set the handling, boost and engine of the car by clicking on the Set up Car option. Try to learn the tracks so that you can easily complete the race and also avoid hitting or making contact with other cars. Formula Racer is a game that worth to try. These are the instructions on how to play it. Up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow to brake the cars, left and right arrow keys to steer, you also can use WASD keys to control your car. You should pay attention on the bottom right corner of the game screen. You will see your Kinetic Boost level. If the level reaches twenty percents, you can click "Press

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    Formula Racer  


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