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    Heat Rush
    This game is perfect for you who looking for fun. You should find it challenging because it designed by well known creator of flash based games. Your aim is reaching the finish line before timer runs out. The game controls are easy even for dummies, all you have to do is press the left (or A key) or right cursor (or D key) to steer your car. You should hit up button (or W key) to accelerate, on the contrary you can hit down arrow (or S key) to brake. The game also gives you the chance to double your car speed by employing turbo. You can have turbo by hitting the space or X button. In this game you will find ten different tracks with beautiful scenery, they are namely Cocoa City, Wind Valley, Black Mountain, Serpents Pass, Twilight Pass, Ridgeway, Ocean Boulevard, Route88, Harvest Lane, and Marina Drive. You can upgrade your car and gain a better speed if you manage to have great achievement in each track. At the Cocoa City, you can gain forged piston for your car if you manage to finish the race under forty seconds and bonus of lowered springs if you hit no traffic. You will get uprated cams and six pot calipers if you maintain full speed for at least twenty second without hit the brake at Wind Valley. At the Black Mountain you

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    Heat Rush  


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