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    Destroy All Cars
    If you love cars, then you will surely like or even love the Destroy All Cars online flash game. This is one destructive online flash game which will definitely destroy those dull and boring times that you have in a day. This game will perfectly suit both car lovers and haters because you will be able to play and control with various cars however, you will destroy them at the end of each level. The mechanics of this game are very simple but you will have to think on how to finish each level successfully. The game will take few moments to load and after it has finished loading, you will now see the main menu of the Destroy All Cars which has a great colorful picture of a car crashing to the "Destroy All Cars" signage along with great music. You can choose whether you want to mute the music or not depending on your preference. Just click the "Start The Game" option to immediately play the game. After choosing it, you will now be brought to the level select part. All the levels will be locked at first and you have to finish every level to unlock all of them starting with level 1. To play a particular level, just click the box which corresponds to the level that you want. In this game, you just have to use the mouse to control e

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    Destroy All Cars  


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