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    Red Driver
    This game is very, very fun, full of fast action and split second thinking. The Red Driver controls are easy to use. The right button turns the car right and left button turns the car left. The objective of this game is to maneuver in between on coming traffic and try to avoid being hit. The game is very fast paced and requires you to make split second decisions or you will risk getting into a car accident. As the game progress the situations become quicker and the two lane road becomes a four lane road, which adds three more lanes of uncontrollable variables. To the left of your screen you will see a bar labeled distance the further within the level you go the more the bar fills up, once you get to the end you have beat the level. This is definitely a game that I will play for more days to come. Red Driver is yet another car game but with simpler rules and instructions to play. The game can be easily played by anyone. Since this is an online free game, there is no need for any installation and can be played whenever you want to. The instructions for the game as said before are quite easy. The car can be controlled by the four directional keys. The goal of the game is to complete the distance given successfully without getti

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    Red Driver  


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