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    Park my Car
    With number of games circling in the online, it is hard to find the one that makes a person entertained. Park my Car is an interesting and full filled game which makes the users entertained. The game is simple and easy with only fewer controls. To accelerate the car, use the up button, to stop the car or make the car move in reverse direction, use down button, to make the car turn left or right, use the left and right arrows respectively, to use the weapons available or to use horn, press spacebar. The objective of the game is to park the car in the right place shown in each level. Faster you complete a level, more the points you get. With each level you complete, the task gets difficult and more exciting. The game comes to an end if you hit another car or the walls and you can try the level again by clicking the try again option. Park my Car is a fun game that lets you hone your virtual car parking skills. Imagine that A list celebrity you admire comes to town. Wouldn't you do anything just to have a moment with him or her? Maybe even park his expensive car? Wait, something is wrong. You have no idea on how to park a car. Park my Car might just be the solution to your peculiar situation. If not to impress a celebrity in real-l

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    Park my Car  
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